Eight Wonders of the World

Over the years many writers, cultural historians and travelers have compiled lists of the Seven or Eight Wonders of the World—Wonders of the Ancient World, Wonders of Nature, Underwater World, and Industrial World. Join us as we explore Eight Wanders of the World (more or less) with Marty Keale, Beth Mann, Karun Yee, Lawrence Fox, Maryellen Burns and Dan Cross – Mondays in November. Marty Keale will offer a talk on Morocco on Monday, November 9 at 2 pm. Contact for a link. 

Marty Keale

Cynthia Nicholson

The Nicholson’s: Photography has been our shared interest since 1980 and allows us to see the world from a different perspective. Greg favors landscapes and Cynthia enjoys close up photography. We are currently enjoying the photography seminars and company of fellow members in the Renaissance Society. Our website

Gregory Nicholson